“Burden of Proof” Now Available to Order

You’ve seen her duke it out against the undead, werewolves and a gang of hitmen hired by the Grace City mob. Now Nightcat is fighting for her freedom against the very people she’s worked with from the beginning. A body is found and it appears to have been mauled to death by a humanoid animal. All evidence points to Nightcat and the police are under orders to bring her in dead or alive. Which puts Detective David Rayner, Nightcat’s police contact in a tough spot.

Nightcat’s latest short story, “Burden of Proof” is now available to order. Here’s a little teaser:


“You shouldn’t have come here, Cat,” he said in his usual gruff manner.

“True, but I needed to know where you stand in all of this,” I said as I got up, ready to flee through the window at the earliest sign of trouble.

“You realize that I could arrest you right here and now?”

This wasn’t a good sign. I knew Sorowski didn’t like me, but I found it hard to believe that he wasn’t behind me.

Sorowski slowly manoeuvred over to his desk while I moved in the opposite direction, giving him a wide berth.

He placed his hands on his hips, causing his sports jacket to reveal his police revolver underneath.