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Sean N. Koury spends most of his time working. And sleeping. And working. When he isn’t working and sleeping, he will occasionally sit down and do some writing. He is the creator of the Bounty Hunter comic book, the first issue of which should be out very soon from Sean’s very own Capture Comics imprint. The character’s first published comic book appearance was in issue 2 of Dynamite Entertainment’s Living Corpse: Exhumed miniseries. The Battery is Sean’s first published prose fiction, but rest assured he has plenty more in the works. You can visit the Bounty Hunter blog at Someday, Sean might even update it. Just for you.

Best-selling author and founder of Sir Reel Films, Stephen J. Semones began writing at an early age to satisfy his compulsion to tell stories. Since then, he has gone on to develop some of the most ambitious projects in independent film, including the short-feature, The Wraith: Eyes of Judgment, and the web-series, Nothing’s at Stake.

Semi-retired from film, Stephen decided to focus on writing. His candid how-to-book on filmmaking, Beyond the Lens: A Beginner’s Guide to Filmmaking, hit the best-seller list five times and further established him as a formidable force in both the film and literary worlds. Since then, Stephen put his focus on fiction and returned to his comic-book forte with the highly anticipated novel, The Wraith: Crossfire. His other fiction works include contributing three short stories to the horror and science fiction compilation Timeless Requiem from Millenia Press. Early in 2014, Stephen released his highly-anticipated superhero novel series, Gloom, to rave reviews and critical acclaim. The book was so popular, the proposed 2015 release for the second installment, Gloom: Fog of War, was pushed to a summer 2014 release to satisfy fans.

Stephen currently resides in Tennessee with his beautiful wife and their four children.

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T.W. Johnson grew up watching classic science fiction and horror reruns via a Saturday afternoon TV series called Creature Feature, which debuted in 1973 and ran for twenty-two years. Innately talented, he gave writing a try in 1995 after reading a short horror story his wife had written for a high school English assignment. He locally self-published a short story collection in 1998 as a personal experiment, then naively tinkered with Internet publishing in 2003. One year later, a hurricane devastated his hometown, which replaced all aspirations with years of recovery. After obtaining an AA degree in 2011, he began writing once again.