Author Bios

By day, Jim Robb is a mild-mannered accountant for a multinational fashion jewellery company. By night, however, he becomes a mild-mannered accountant who writes the occasional story. He and his wife Donna share their home in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan with several feline associates.

Keith Dobranski got his Masters degree in Drawing at the University of North Dakota and has a BFA majoring in sculpture from the University of Regina. He currently is doing custom miniature figures for Mod Master Heroclix as The Mod Master. He is practicing Jedi with a beautiful and understanding wife and an adorable tiny wookie in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Visit him online at

Keith Gouveia lives in Florida with his wife, Lisa. He is a mechanical engineer by trade and writes fiction in his spare time. His most memorable projects have been the collection Animal Behavior and Other Tales of Lycanthropy and the literary mash-up The Black Cat and the Ghoul written with Edgar Allan Poe, both titles are available from Beating Windward Press, but if horror is not your cup of tea, you could try one of his fantasy novels, The Goblin Princess or Children of the Dragon.

Lorne Dixon grew up on a diet of yellow-spined paperbacks, black-and-white monster movies, and the thunder lizard back-beat of rock-n-roll. His novels include Blue Eel, Snarl, The Lifeless, and Eternal Unrest. Visit him online at

Scott Story is a freelance illustrator and cartoonist who lives in the Midwestern USA. He has been involved in the comic industry since 1992, and webcomics since 2004. He has drawn comics for dozens of publishers, and he has published two graphic novels, Johnny Saturn: Synns of the Father, and Johnny Saturn: Homeland Insecurity. He has written articles for Blueline Pro’s Sketch Magazine, and prose stories for print anthologies and the web. His webcomic, Johnny Saturn, is a past winner of the Webcomics Readers Choice Awards, and Scott was a speaker at the prestigious Graphic Engagement academic conference hosted by the Purdue University Comparative Literature Program.