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Frank Dirscherl (b. 1973) is the Amazon bestselling author of The Wraith and editor of Beyond the Lens. His series of The Wraith Adventures books have been enjoyed by multitudes of readers the world over. Other books in the series include Valley of Evil, Crossfire, Cult of the Damned and Cry of the Werewolf, with more to come.

A professionally certified library technician, who has been working in libraries for more than twenty years, Dirscherl has also worked at a medical practice in a data entry position, covered books for a book wholesale company, and as a lecturer to children on the merits, and writing, of comic books.

He lives in the south coast of New South Wales, Australia with his beautiful wife Jennifer, where he is currently working on his latest piece of fiction.

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Gina Ranalli is an award-winning author living in the Seattle area. Her books include Ghost Chant, Mother Puncher, House of Fallen Trees and Suicide Girls in the Afterlife, among others. You can visit her on the web at

Greg Mitchell is a screenwriter and novelist and author of the faith-versus-fear series “The Coming Evil Trilogy”. His eclectic career includes six novels, several short stories published in numerous anthologies, a small contribution to the Star Wars Legends line, a co-writing credit on the non-fiction work “Back in Time: The Unauthorized Back to the Future Chronology” with Rich Handley, and most recently he wrote the screenplay for “Snakehead Swamp” that premiered on the Syfy Channel in June of 2014. He lives with his wife and two daughters in Northeast Arkansas.

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J.L. MacDonald is a computer programmer living in Saskatchewan, Canada with her proverbial zoo consisting of dogs, cats, and spiders. Highly influenced by superhero comics and cartoons in her youth, the idea of Nightcat first came to her when she was in her mid-teens. Some time later, Nightcat found her way onto virtual paper, appearing in several short stories and starring in a series of novels.

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In 1989, when Jeffrey Allen Davis was fourteen, he started a recording on his parents’ VCR to get a horror movie about a Ouija board. It captured the movie that came on Showtime after it, as well. That accidental recording, a ninja movie that starred Michael Dudikoff, grabbed his imagination and the shadow warriors have been hiding there ever since. Over twenty years later, he still enjoys watching a good ninja movie.

Davis lives in St. Charles, MO, with his wife, Vickie, his daughter, Kaitlyn, and two stepchildren, Jayson and Breeanna.

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